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Embodiment as the One Heart

About us:

The One Heart Mighty Network Community evolved from a beautiful process with world-wide participants on Zoom, initiated by Eva Millauer who is the founder of ‘Embodiment as the One Heart’.

Eva has a vision for the dance of oneness to expand all around planet earth to support peace, sustainability, creativity and happiness on a global level. This dance of oneness has expressed itself in 2019 in a co-creative film, titled 'A Universal Prayer for Peace'. In 2020 the process expanded through the Caravan of Unity into 'A One Heart Co-Creative Universal Prayer for Peace' where people from all over the world contributed videos of the poem in various languages and creative interpretations. 

 You can also meet the One Heart Community in this project with an immersive zoom space interpretation of this poem which you can watch here:


Here is what some of the participants of the One Heart immersive zoom space said about the co-creative process: 

Beyond belief and more real than could be imagined. Deeply profoundly grateful Eva and each. -Jiyun Park 

I AM profoundly grateful to each and every person to get this magnificent opportunity  to collaborate to bring global Peace to all! Love and Light to all!💞💞💕💝 -Alice Robb 

Different societal labels, Different nationalities, Different races and ages, but One profound connection, One big colorful humanity, One binding force, One smile uniting each in a blanket of one big heart filled with everlasting love. One love one song, one dance. One profound journey. One happiness. United we stand The one heart community :) -Driti Prasad 

A couple of years ago if people had told me that a deep connection was possible in an on line space I would have said ’unlikely ’, and that's after a thirty year career in information technology. I now know it’s not just likely, because we long for this deep connection, and the OneHeart in an online space is real it is going to sweep the world and take us all into collective consciousness in ways we cannot even imagine. Deepest gratitude for the wonder that is life🌻 -Alistair Cran 

Connecting with intention through the ethers has been a surprising blessing of love. My life has been profoundly changed. Deepest gratitude for the unfolding that is happening NOW. -Peggy Berger 

Thank you everyone for the loving oneness we felt being together❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘 -Grace Barry-Greb                    

Eva spent two decades researching the evolutionary potential of humanity to embody Oneness by studying Performance Art and the power of dancing non-dual poetry.

An experienced writer, film maker, performance artist, photographer and dancer, in 2019, Eva participated in a ‘social experiment', an online community called 'Living in a New Republic of the Heart'.

Being part of in-depth transformational processes online gave Eva the idea of exploring the possibility of creating a tangible sense of Oneness in a video conference.

Sessions with interested participants from all over the world on Zoom proved unequivocally that the same felt qualities of Oneness in the physical space are present in virtual space.  

During these in-depth transformational processes online Eva met Alistair Cran.   

Recognising in each other a certain Yin to each others’ Yang they collaborated to take the ‘spark’ of embodied Oneness online and evolve it into a fire of global love.  Alistair has a dream of global Day of Love is declared by the United Nations.

As a Sacred Activist, Alistair encourages all people to connect with their heart, in the, now very real, hope that soon the whole planet will be celebrating an international Day of Love every day.


Al is a healer who writes beautifully inspiring Healing eBooks and coaches the art of Courage Building.  

Together Eva and Alistair co-host the One Heart Community.  Their hands link around the globe from New Zealand, where Alistair lives, to the UK, where Eva resides, in a perpetual ring of love energy.

So, what is unique and powerful about 'Embodiment as the One Heart'? The video below will give you a taste.


In many ways, there are wonderful advantages to meeting online and exploring embodied Oneness together.  To start with, all participants are in their homes which means the atmosphere is already relaxed.

What emerges is a shared, energetically rich experience, for all present to the same field of love-bliss-aliveness that is Oneness.

This field shines and expresses itself through all of us differently and is very clearly not a phenomenon of space-time as it doesn't matter how far apart we are.  We can literally be on opposite sides of the planet and still commune in and as one love-bliss beauty.

The core group that experimented, first fortnightly, then weekly together for over nine months, led to a vision of this process coming alive for all human beings.  This process nourishes our longing for heart-full, in-depth connection.

So, come join us, co-create and participate in a process that allows for embodied oneness-consciousness to spread across the planet.

 Join Us...

...If you resonate with a heart-urge to evolve into deeper levels of being, and if you resonate with a completely universal community, where we respect people from all walks of life equally.  If you have a calling to actively inspire others to evolve into their potential of being a unique creative expression of One Heart Universal Love then you are in the right place.

Join us for a trial session:

Every Tuesday we meet from 

8-9:30pm UK time for a "One Heart co-creative Meeting in Truth" 

If you want to join a trial session and consider if you want to be part of this community, feel free to arrange a zoom meeting with Eva to make a first connection. Please email her via: oneheart@evamillauer.com

Any further participation will be based on completely voluntary donations, that can either happen whenever possible, or on a monthly basis at a level of your choice. Whatever works for you. Some people also contribute by giving time and energy and their creative expression to co-creative projects offered by the one heart community.

Here is another One Heart Zoom process for you to watch, in case you would like to see another example of how it all works.


May we truly grow into an exceptional world-wide gathering that supports the healing of humanity and planet earth and that incarnates a community based on the understanding that there is deep unity in our diversity.  

Rather than being ‘alone’ we are All One

With Love, Eva Millauer & Alistair Cran

Eva email: oneheart@evamillauer.com

Alistair email: dayoflovenet@gmail.com

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