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Embodiment as the One Heart

About us:

This Mighty Network community has evolved from a beautiful process with world-wide participants on Zoom. It was initiated by Eva Millauer who is the founder of "Embodiment as the One Heart". She has spent two decades researching the evolutionary potential of humanity to embody oneness. After gaining teaching experience locally, she participated in an online community called "A New Republic of the Heart." Going through in-depth transformational processes online gave her the idea that it may be worth finding out if oneness can be tangible in a video conference. She suggested to meet with interested participants on zoom. It became evident very quickly that it is not a necessity to meet up physically in the same space to explore embodied oneness. In some ways there are even advantages about meeting online. All participants are in their homes which means there usually is a relaxed atmosphere already. Also that shared energetically rich experience of all of us being part of the same one energetic field of love bliss aliveness that shines and expresses itself through all of us differently is very evidently not a phenomena of space-time as it clearly doesn't matter how far apart we are. We can literally be on the opposite sides of the planet and still commune in and as one love-bliss beauty. The core group that experimented first every second week, then weekly together for over nine months led to a vision of this process turning into an invitation for those human beings who are longing for this type of in-depth connection to join us and to begin a creative process that allows for oneness consciousness to begin to spread across the planet.

Why You Should Join Us

If you resonate with a heart-urge to evolve into deeper levels of your being and if you resonate with a completely universal community, where we respect people from all walks of life equally and if you may even have a calling to actively inspire others in how to evolve into this beautiful potential of one heart universal love than you are in the right place. There are many different levels of engagement, with One Heart practice spaces being offered by Eva Millauer at different levels, so we discover and evolve in our unique expression of oneness consciousness. You can dive in gradually or more intensively, depending on what is otherwise going on in your life. You can explore different levels of participation as it works for you and you can cancel any subscription at any time. Ultimately the idea is that the One Heart practice session are just the universal foundation in which we meet, you will be welcome to offer complimentary courses, set up co-creative projects in the future when the network has established. There is also an open door for  other organizations founded in the understanding of oneness to create their own circles within the network so that collaborating between organizations and getting to know each other becomes easier. As long as oneness consciousness is the foundation of your organization you are welcome to offer your unique expression of that to this community. 

A Big Thanks

My deepest gratitude goes out to all my dear heart friends who have supported the development of Embodiment as One Heart processes, to anyone who has helped me through the tough times where I didn't know where things were going and how they would turn into having a tangible outcome. To anyone who supported me to do and keep on doing the necessary work on myself and find the blockages I placed into the way of incarnating my heart calling! 

May we truly grow into an exceptional world-wide gathering that supports the healing of humanity and planet earth and that begins to incarnate a community based on the understanding that we are not only having more in common than what divides us, but are in fact already one in all our diversity.

With Love, Eva Millauer

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